Lavender Silk Pillowcase with White Roses

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• Size: 74 x 48 cm
• 100% real silk pillowcase
• 19 mm momme charmeuse silk (also known as crepe backed satin) with luxurious lustre finish weave. This type of silk is lightweight and has a natural elasticity, which makes it the ideal fabric for use in sheets, pillow cases.
• The envelope flap ensures the pillow will remain securely inside your pillowcase and this allows you to sleep on either side. No zippers are used.
• Made in the UK

Shipping to UK mainland only. Please contact us for International Shipping enquiries.

Why buy silk pillowcases?

• Silk is incredibly smooth and feels great on skin.
• It is naturally hypoallergenic
• Silk prevents knotting, matting and bedhead hair and preserves the moisture content of the hair. It helps to prevent frizz and tangles, protects hair extensions and prolonging your blow-dry. Hair glides on the silk rather than rubs.
• Silk regulates body temperature.
• It has anti-ageing and anti sleep crease benefits.
• Silk reduces friction on your skin while you sleep - it's a cleaner sleep surface that is gentler on your skin and helps to retain its natural moisture. Sleeping on silk locks those all-important lotions and potions into your skin, so you can see the hydrating benefits in the morning.
• Silk boasts a natural resistance to dust mites, fungus and mould – along with many other unwanted visitors. It’s also free of chemicals. In beauty terms, this means keeping red, puffy eyes at bay – along with other unwanted rashes. Silk helps to sooth and reduce Contact Dermatitis (Eczema).
• Silk is actually perfect for all seasons and climates, from cold winter nights to hot summers, you can sleep in silk and be incredibly comfortable.


• Machine washable at 30˚C / 85˚F. Always wash on a delicate cycle or handwash with silk detergent.
• Do not tumble dry or bleach.
• Do air dry your silk.
• Handle carefully when wet. Don’t soak, wring or rub, this will damage the smooth fibres.
• Iron on reverse while damp with cool iron. Do not spray silk with water while ironing. Un-ironed silk will still deliver all its benefits.

Please note NHS Guidelines: Do not use pillows for babies under 1 year old.

Gift Wrapping:

The pillowcase will be delivered in a presentation tin.